Trying To Conceive? Come To Our Meet-up!

Our monthly meet up will be running again this saturday 4th November between 10am-12pm. It’s a drop in, in a private room above a gorgeous deli-cafe, the wonderful Salumeria in Headingley, Leeds. So if you’d like to pop in just grab your coffee and cake from downstairs then come up to meet us.

Anyone who is trying to conceive is welcome. This could be if you’re trying naturally, if you’re having IVF, or looking at other ways of having a child such as surrogacy or adoption. Many women who come have had miscarriages in the past and some will already have a child and are longer for that second child to arrive.

We all have our own fertility journey but we have much in common. To be in a space with other women who know what it feels like to be desperate for a pregnancy to occur and who understand the terror that it may not, can feel like a welcome relief in a world that can feel that it is full of those with children.

I shall be there for a short time and Veena, as always, will hold the space together for the morning and make you feel very welcome. People say as much as they want or don’t want and there is no pressure to share your story.

Do get in touch if you’d like to know more.

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