Patient success stories


Jenny, IBS

I had suffered from IBS for a couple of years and was affected particularly by bloating. I had requested tests at the doctors and tried other alternative therapies but was becoming increasingly frustrated at the lack of any resolution or noticeable improvement.

Through my own elimination of certain foods I was becoming more aware of the triggers but still found it hard to control particularly when I was stressed or travelling with work, was eating at irregular times or other events dictated the food I ate.

Caitlin was recommended to me by a friend who had received acupuncture for a painful shoulder and she suggested I try it. Not only did I start to see an improvement and reduced amount of bloating after the first couple of sessions I also found the whole acupuncture treatment very relaxing which was great as stress was one of the causes of my IBS.

After about six sessions I was having IBS-free days for about two weeks which was a massive improvement plus I was feeling much more energised. In addition to acupuncture Caitlin also performed massage on my stomach which was soothing and beneficial. Acupuncture is certainly the most effective treatment I have received for my IBS.

It is by no means invasive but an extremely therapeutic experience which not only targets a specific problem in the body but also helps the mind. IBS is no longer a constant problem of mine but I also know that if it does flare up I can contact Caitlin to effectively get my body back on track!