Happy Chinese New Year!

28th January welcomes in the New Year and the Year of the Fire Rooster. Remember what I said last year as we started the year of the Fire Monkey? “Expect the unexpected”! It was about surprises and unpredictability. The Yin nature to the Fire rooster brings more calm and relief from the shock, chaos and tension of last year. It’s not all plain sailing, but the issues will be felt in a smaller way and we could feel more grounded.

The Rooster characteristics include honesty, a strong sense of time keeping, confidence, outspokenness, being responsible at work, attractiveness and being popular. Chickens show us how to live together in harmony, whilst recognising a hierarchy. So this year there is power in coming together and being in groups. New voices could emerge and demand to be listened to with new leaders coming forward. The Yin aspect empowers women and we are advised to follow our intuition and instincts. The Yin Fire Rooster brings clarity to unresolved issues. She offers us a wake up call and wants to be heard. It’s a time to step up and to take responsibility for our lives. Ask yourself  “What do I want to change and how will I do this?”.

And for all of us, remember the traditions around the New Year:  don’t clean your home with a brush at the start of the New Year as you will be brushing away good fortune. Likewise, don’t wash your hair as your good fortune will go down the drain. Don’t use scissors and try to placate crying children as the sound of the cries brings back luck to the whole family!

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