Fertility Meet Up Saturday 7th October 10-12

Are you trying to conceive? Are you planning an IVF cycle? Have you had a miscarriage? Does it feel that you’ve been trying for ages whilst everyone around you gets pregnant easily?
Why not drop in at our fertility meet up on Saturady 7th October between 10am-12pm? This is an informal meet up open to all who are wanting to have a baby or another baby. We meet at Salvo’s Salumeria in Headingley, Leeds in a room above the cafe.

Our fertility stories will all be different and unique but we share many things. One of these things can be a sense of feeling isolated or being sick of being asked “any news?”. Many of us will have been offered unasked for advice – “Just go on holiday, have a drink and relax- it will happen easily”. Personally I wanted to punch those people! The women I know who want a baby know pretty much everything there is to know about getting pregnant. They are experts!

How nice could it be to be in a room with other women who know what it is to feel sad, bereft, desperate, despairing, misunderstood?

When I was trying to conceive back in my 30’s I didn’t know anyone who was going through the same experience. There was no-one I could ask for advice, or to just describe how I was feeling and know they may have understood some of the pain and uncertainty I was living with. Sometimes I wanted to talk to someone who wasn’t my husband, who wasn’t a member of my family and who I did not know that well in other circumstances.

In this meet up there is be no formal agenda, no speaker, no presentation, not even me talking about acupuncture. What there will be is coffee or tea and cake to buy and share together whilst we chat.

We have agreed to hold the meet up from now on on the first saturday of each month but unfortunetly we are not able to have the space in November so the one after this will be saturday 2nd December.

There is no cost, other than your own drink and snacks.

Some women I have mentioned this to have said that they may be terrified to come in, although keen to come along. I think this is a feeling many will share. Come anyway- you don’t have to speak at all. You certainly don’t have to say anything you don’t want to. Just bring yourself. Just being in the room together could make us feel stronger.

The Salumeria is at 107 Otley Road, Leeds, LS6 3PX.

Salumeria Café & Deli Shop

If you’d like to join us, drop me a line so I know to expect you and myself or Veena will make you very welcome. Then just choose yourself a coffee and a cake and come up to meet us all.

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