Acupuncture To Reduce Stress

One of the most common side effects we see in our patients is a deep sense of relaxation after their treatment. Whatever symptoms the acupuncture is treating, we tend to see this result. Feedback we get includes comments about how how well people slept after acupuncture, how their partners noticed they were very chilled after a treatment, and how they seem react to things that would usually stress them out in a different way and be able to stay calm.

This is a wonderful aspect of receiving acupuncture. It is especially useful during IVF. A recent study has suggested that high stress levels may impact on IVF results, lowering the chance of success. Some fertility consultants refer directly to us during IVF and recognise that acupuncture may help to reduce stress during a potentially stressful time as well as possibly increasing blood flow, which is helpful when trying to prepare follicles and the uterus lining for implantation.

Most of us live with high levels of continual stress. The stress hormones which are essential in a flight or fight mode, are not so helpful when they become the norm for us. Whether you’re feeling like you need some time out for you, some rebalancing as you’ve been through a stressful time, or you’re preparing for IVF, give acupuncture a try.

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