Acupuncture For Hamstring Injury

A small study has just been published that positively concludes that “Acupuncture as a treatment for sport injuries, specifically hamstrings injuries, is an effective method for acute and chronic pain and gives excellent results in a very short time.”

The paper suggests that “Acupuncture improves circulation, function and mobility, reduces inflammation, relieves stress, helps to alleviate the pain, stimulates local healing response, prevents future injuries, enhances the athletic endurance and performance and by increasing local circulation it helps to improve the joint mobility, muscle stiffness and disperse the swelling.” It also points out that “The studies done in the last 10 years show that the ice is not an appropriate treatment for this pain. The West likes to use ice which is opposite of the East, never uses ice, but opposite, only heat. Also the East accepts the inflammatory process as a part of healing process and the West wants to fight inflammation.”
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We love treating athletes in clinic and seeing fast, effective results. We know that athletes want to get back to fitness as soon as they can and work hard with them to achieve that goal.

Whether you have a hamstring injury, issues with your IT band, archiles tendonitis or tennis or golfer’s elbow, consider giving us a ring to find out what we can do to help you back to full fitness.

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