Acupuncture For Arthritis

At this time of year we start to see a lot of people struggling with arthritis. Like your grandma always said, it comes on in cold, damp weather for many people!

When we see someone with arthritis for the first time, we ask more about their symptoms and palpate (or touch) the affected area to check if it feels hot or cold. We will ask you what makes it feel better and what makes it feel worse. In Chinese Medicine there are a number of different diagnoses for arthritis and we want to make sure we diagnose the right one so we can chose the best treatment for you. Often we will use a combination of acupuncture needles and a heat based treatment called moxabustion. Moxabustion involves us burning a stick of dried herbs (it looks like  a piece of artist’s charcoal or a cigar) over the area where you feel pain. The feel of the moxa is lovely- it feels warm and therapeutic. Sometimes we send you home with a stick so you can continue to treat yourself between acupuncture sessions.

Usually a course of treatment is recommended initially- 4-6 sessions on average. Then we ask you to call us if you’re getting warning signs of the arthritis flaring up. Many of our patients just come once or twice a year for a top up after their initial course of treatment and this seems to keep the pain and discomfort at bay.

There are natural remedies that work well for some arthritis sufferers – read more here.

Here is what Judy, one of our satisfied clients said about her treatment:

I started my series of sessions at Caitlin’s practice with two very painful arthritic knees and no particular anticipation of success. After the treatment finished I can honestly say that the pain has totally been removed and my life has been improved considerably.

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