Acupuncture Best Treatment For Migraine?

A new Cochrane review, printed in October 2016, considered the results of 22 trials and the experiences of almost 5000 people. The review concluded that “Acupuncture appears to reduce headache frequency with patients with episodic migraine more than usual care (medication) or sham acupuncture”.

We love treating migraine as we see such great results.

Here is what Penny had to say about her acupuncture experience with us:

Caitlin has helped me with migraine and chronic neck pain. After four months of treatment my headaches are much less frequent and rarely turn to migraine. The neck pain has eased considerably, and my energy levels are higher than they have been for many years. It is a painless relaxing treatment in a warm welcoming space.

If you want to find out more about whether we can help to eradicate or manage your migraine get in touch. We would invite you in for an initial consultation, in which we find out more about you, your migraines and general health. We then give you some acupuncture to try. It is usual that a course of sessions are recommended as the benefits build gradually. On average, this may be coming to see us for 6 sessions, once a week. We would hope to see improvements within that time.

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