5 Ways To Look After Our Health

I love the fact that Chinese Medicine is not just one thing. It is not about finding the one thing that ‘fixes’ us. And it is not about ‘one size fits all’- what will make one person healthy and well may differ for the next person. When we see people for acupuncture in clinic we devise an individual prescription of points to needle. One person with a headache does not get the same needles as the next person with a headache. We are all different and our health and thus, our treatments need to reflect this.

In clinic we also talk to people about other ways to look after our health. Traditionally Chinese Medicine was about preventing poor health. There is so much we can do to look after ourselves and prevent us from becoming unwell.

Some of this is about diet and what we choose to eat and drink; some is about how we choose to expend our energy and what rest we choose, some is about living in harmony with the seasons and adjusting our lifestyle accordingly. Here is a great article reminding us of 5 of those strategies by colleague Emma.

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