Online Fertility Meet Up Saturday 4th April 10am

Our usual fertility meet up which we relaunched in February is going ahead but in a different format! This meet up is for anyone who is trying to conceive, whether naturally, with interventions and IVF, using surrogates, donor eggs and embryos, adoption etc. It is open to men and women, straight or gay, single or coupled. There is no agenda. Rather that the focus is on fertility and all that that can touch in us. This is a space to be with others who may share some of your experiences, your wishes, your fears. There are no experts or tutors- we just come together to be in the same space.

We are planning our next fertility meet up to go ahead this saturday on 4th April at 10am just for an hour and will be using Zoom as an online platform.

Zoom is still feeling clunky for me and looks different on different devices and has different ways of doing things on these. It can also freeze sometimes or lose connection (probably as the whole world is using it). So apologies in advance if it’s not as smooth an experience as we would like.

If you would like to join us please do email or text me and I will send you the Zoom link. In theory you dont need to have downloaded Zoom for this to work – just click on the url. If this doesn’t work go to and you can type the meeting ID in for access.

In order to manage the privacy of the meeting I will be agreeing that each person can join on entry so bear with me if there is a short delay to you joining us.
Obviously this will feel very different to us meeting in the lovely Salumeria cafe but it does offer another way in which we can continue to be connected and hold each other up in what are extraordinary times.

So let me know if you’d like to spend an hour with us, then grab yourself a coffee or tea or whatever you fancy at 10am this saturday.

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